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The Artistic Architectural Possibilities of Concrete precast basement stairs.

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The principle of reinforcement by means of steel reinforcing rods, wire mesh, or light reinforcing bars in truss form has given to concrete precast basement stairs a leading place among structural materials. It marks a departure in many essentials from traditional concrete construction, and therefore must exert a like influence upon design. For this reason it has become a subject of absorbing interest in the architectural world, as it presents new problems not only of structure, but also of ornamental and, possibly, even of stylistic expression.

The many practical advantages of concrete precast basement stairs and the increasing scarcity of lumber assure it a prominent place in the architecture of the future. Quite a little work which has already been produced is suggestive of appropriate treatment of form and surface. Still, the bulk of concrete precast basement stairs building so far has been on purely commercial or engineering lines. We are as yet feeling our way on the outskirts of a new field of design.

Concrete precast basement stairs furnishes opportunities of surface treatment, as the incrustation of tile, contrast of plain surface with color ornament and wrought metal motives of delightful promise, in which some successful work has already been accomplished. Concrete precast basement stairs are by no means a new building material, but not until recently did it occupy any but a secondary position. The Romans were the most notable users of this material, though entirely as a useful substitute for more costly masonry or as a material for rough walls which would be faced with stone or brick.

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The articulations natural to the latter materials would therefore be expressed; the concrete precast basement stairs were merely a backing.

Stucco was sometimes used as a finish for walls. This had been quite a frequent method in still earlier times, and was again later, in the Italian Renaissance, when architectural masonry detail was much imitated in this medium. The same thing is done very frequently to-day.

The stucco building, when it breaks away from being a replica of Ruins of Comic Theatre in Pompeii, walls of which were made of concrete precast basement stairs, covered with marble slabs, some of which still remain. Stone work executed in a cheaper material, tends to develop a plasticity of treatment, a monolithic breadth and surface texture of its own. There is 1ittIedistinction, as a matter of design, between plastering mortar on walls of brick, clay blocks, or concrete precast basement stairs, if the latter is not part of a reinforced monolith.

A solid concrete precast basement stairs wall is scarcely more than a form of rubble masonry, but one which the fineness of the concrete precast basement stairs aggregate makes it easier to render with a presentable surface. But the development of concrete precast basement stairs concrete construction has advanced considerably beyond this. Several methods are now in vogue in which concrete precast basement stairs are used, with greater or less completeness, as the structural material. First, there is the above-described stucco on brick or on metal lath over frame. This cannot be classed as concrete precast basement stairs architecture, except in so far as it implies some of the same motives to a limited degree, having superficially the plasticity of cement. It is often attractive, but is contradictory, and therefore must borrow and imitate whenever the simple value of surface seems insufficient and form is indulged in.

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