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Patches of exposed concrete precast basement stairs aggregates show here and there and variations in color occur in streaks and layers. In short, such a surface is not merely dull and uninteresting; its inconsequent irregularities are objectionable. Several methods are in vogue aiming at the production of an even texture and one agreeable to-the eye.

Two quite opposite effects may be had: one consists in brushing and washing away the cement skin, thus exposing particles of concrete precast basement stairs aggregate; in the other method a surface concrete mixture of selected material is applied to the surface of the molds, just ahead of the pouring of the concrete precast basement stairs, and, on removal of the concrete forms, the surface may be further finished by washing or tooling.

The first of these methods frankly admits and displays the material as concrete precast basement stairs. Some very delightful and varied effects may be obtained by using concrete precast basement stairs aggregate of graded sizes and concrete mixture in a certain proportion of pebbles, marble screenings, burnt clay, or broken brick, flecks of color thus giving an animated texture to the otherwise leaden and lifeless material. Brushing may be done to greater or less depth, giving a more or less roughened surface, as desired.